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Welcome to the Electronic Archives of "The American Unitarian"a journal of the American Unitarian Conference.

Volume 1, Number 1 - January, 2002

About The American Unitarian (President's Letter)

An Open Letter to Twenty-First Century Unitarians - John W. Gaston III

A Church Grows in Charlotte - Alan H. Cousin

The Elephant of Salvation - Paul Yonge

Remembering to Love - Barbara Bachner


Volume 1, Number 2 - June, 2002

President's Letter

A Reply to "An Open Letter to Twenty-First Century Unitarians" - Rev. Jonathan Devlin

The Anonymous Association - Paul Yonge

And Who is My Neighbor? - Walter J. Geldart

Contemporary Unitarianism in West-European Francophone Countries: Or How to Realize a Spiritual Chorus in Three Voices - Jean-Claude Barbier

A Breed Apart - Rev. Robert E. Dorris


Volume 1, Number 3 - September, 2002

President's Letter

Why UU Humanism Requires Rejecting Our Humanity - David R. Burton

Faith, Freedom, and Reason in Changing Times - Walter J. Geldart

Riding the Sacred Bus - Paul Yonge

Worship in the Telling (Poem) - Joanna Fortna


Volume 1, Number 4 - December 2002

President's Letter

Wanted: An End to Dogmatic Religion - Steve Jones

The Church of the Future: James Freeman Clarke and the Church of the Disciples - Stuart L. Twite


Volume 2, Number 1 - March 2003

President's Letter

Functions, Justice, and Everlasting Life - David R. Burton

What Does the Garden of Eden Story Really Teach? - D. R. Miano


Volume 2, Number 2 - June 2003

President's Letter

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses - Rev. John Corrado

Making God Very Liberal in Seven Unitarian-Friendly Aspects - Rev. George David Exoo


Volume 2, Number 3 - September 2003

President's Letter

"Continous" vs. "Discontinous" Functions: A Response to David Burton's Defense of Universal Salvation - Robert T. Peterson

Christian Boldness Inferior to Christian Meekness - Steve Jones

Does Liberal Religion Imply Liberal Politics? - Alan H. Cousin

Letters From Our Readers


Volume 2, Number 4 - December 2003

President's Letter

To Celebrate Christmas - Rev. Robert Dorris

Why God is Necessary to Our Humanity - David R. Burton

Arius and the Outbreak of the Christological Controversy in Alexandria - David Miano

Why Bother With Christianity? - Steve Jones

All Things Shall Pass (Poem) - Gary R. Curtis 


Volume 3, Number 1 - March 2004

President's Letter

Beyond Channing and Church - Carl Scovel

Why Jesus of Nazareth? - C. Randolph Ross

Rethinking the Purpose of the Crucifixion - Steve Jones

Contra Relativism - David Burton 


Volume 3, Number 2 - June 2004

President's Letter

Fundamentalism vs. Progressive Christianity - Kalen Fristad

Baptism: A Personal Reflection - Jonathon Devlin

When Liberal Christianity Becomes Too Liberal - Steve Jones

Letters From Our Readers


Volume 3, Number 3 - September 2004

President's Letter

Apostles of the Immortal Good - Robert Jordan Ross

Non-Conformists: The True Movers of History - Steve Jones

The Unforgivable Sins - David Miano

I Glorify the One (Poem) - Robert Dorris


Volume 3, Number 4 - December 2004

President's Letter

Conscience and Spirit - David Miano

Humanism, the Early Church, and Rational Religion - Lewis Loflin


Volume 4, Number 1 - March 2005

President's Letter

Spring Invincible - Gary Curtis

The Unitarian Christian Shahada - Matt Grant

The Question of Evil


Volume 4, Number 2 - June 2005

President's Letter

On the Issue of Creeds - Charles Richard

The Unitarian Heart of the Young Emerson - David E. Grimm


Volume 4, Number 3 - September 2005

President's Letter

The Second Coming: An Event in Ancient History - Steve Jones

Socinian Precursors of the American Constitutional Separation of Church and State (Part One) - Marian Hillar


Volume 4, Number 4 - December 2005

President's Letter

Gifts of the Magi - Ken Herman

The Central Teachings of Jesus and the Church's Failure to Make Them Central - Steve Jones

Grace - Tom Wintle

The Ongoing Search for Renewed Hope - Matt Grant


Volume 5, Number 1 - March 2006

President's Letter

The Development of American Unitarian Theology - David Miano

Was Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative? - Ken Herman

Channing and Modern Theology - David Burton


Volume 5, Number 2 - June 2006

President's Letter

The Evidence of Christianity - David Miano

Socinian Precursors of the American Constitutional Separation of Church and State (Part Two) - Marian Hillar

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