Norton on the Pre-existence of Jesus

“If the Apostles had regarded their Master as an incarnation of a great pre-existent spirit, far superior to man, they would not have left us to gather their belief from a doubtful interpretation of a few scattered passages.

No fact concerning him, personally, would have been put forward in their writings with more prominence and distinctness. None would have been oftener brought into notice. None would have more strongly affected their imaginations and feelings. None would have been adapted more to affect their disciples.

St. Matthew would not have written an account of his Master, as it must be conceded that he has, without anywhere expressly clearing the fact. The Apostles would have left us in as little doubt concerning their belief of it, as concerning their belief of his crucifixion and resurrection.”

—Andrews Norton, A Statement of Reasons for Not Believing the Doctrines of Trinitarians (1856), p. 252.

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